Niche Guest Posting

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Niche guest posting has become the need of the hour in the post-Penguin era, since Google has started analysing back-link history of every website, and kicking out the ones that don’t possess sufficient backlinks from credible sources in its niche.

What is Niche Guest Posting?

In simple words, niche guest posting refers to process of contributing guest posts to authoritative sources in a specific niche such as technology, automotive, travel, health, business, education etc. in which, your website basically operates in, and obtaining valuable backlinks in a natural form.

This essentially means that search engines look for natural backlinks coming from credible sources in your website’s niche rather than just about popular website, and tend to give higher weightage to such links.

Importance of Niche Guest Posting in Light of Latest Google Updates

The terror of Google Panda and Penguin isn’t really unknown to most of the website owners, and the latest showcase of the disaster that it can spell on online businesses was quite evident on September 27, 2012 when Google rolled out its latest Panda update, which brought down traffic levels of millions of websites, and even kicked plenty of them totally out of business.

If you don’t want your website to suffer the same fate, it’s crucial to build highly authoritative back-links through niche guest posting and Penguin-proof your web properties at the earliest.

Benefits of Niche Guest Posting

All the back-links built through niche guest posting appear to be perfectly natural to the search engines, and hence are never penalised for unnatural linking or over-optimisation. In contrast, building too many backlinks through other form of link building can actually be disastrous for your website, and that’s where niche guest posting really shines through!

It allows you to build credibility in eyes of not only the search engines, but also millions of readers of such popular blogs in your niche, giving greater visibility to your website on the Internet without spending a penny on advertisements.

Furthermore, buying links isn’t considered to be safe anymore, and building natural back-links can take several months or even more than a year… But, niche guest posting simplifies the process, and helps you in building dozens of powerful backlinks in a matter of 2-3 months.

Our Niche Guest Posting Services

At, we offer specialized niche guest posting services for business across all categories ranging from Technology, Tours & Travel, Automotive, Health & Beauty, Education down to Gambling, Shopping, Real Estate, Home Improvement, Fashion & Luxury, Business and more.

Here’s a brief overview of our niche guest posting services –

SEO Guest Posting – The biggest challenge in front of an SEO company is certainly to spread the word of mouth, and gain credibility; consequently SEO guest posting has turned out to be a superb way to increase visibility on the Internet and improve the brand image as well. Guest posting can not only boost up SERP rankings but also help in attracting thousands of visitors from popular blogs where the guest posts are submitted.

Tech Guest Posting – A professional guest posting service for tech websites can do wonders, and save your technology website from becoming the next Panda/Penguin victim. Build reputation with other tech bloggers, and gain a credible name in the technology industry, with our tech guest posting packages.

Shopping Guest Posting – We offer high quality guest posting service for shopping websites that can boost up your daily conversion rate, and do wonders to your e-commerce portal. And, it’s high time that you Penguin-proof your online store, and don’t let it ruin your hard-work overnight!

Travel Guest Posting – We’ve helped plenty of Tours and Travel business with our professional travel guest posting service, in order to get high SERP rankings, and to gain authority in UK markets. We offer specialized guest posting packages for travel websites to protect them from the Penguin onslaught and to help them build rapport with thousands of loyal readers of the top travel blogs.

Auto Guest Posting – We offer unrivalled guest posting service for automotive websites, which can uncover a business overnight to millions of potential buyers in form of loyal reads of the top 10 automotive blogs, by getting an informative piece published. Grow your reach and visibility on the Internet with our auto guest posting services.

Health Guest Posting – There is no better way to promote a website in health niche than our health guest posting packages, as they offer the best of both worlds. They can help you in driving up the conversion rates, alongside building a solid image in the eyes of potential customers. So, stop missing out on millions of potential sales, and start reaping benefits of our guest posting service for health websites.

Gambling Guest Posting – As it’s rightly said – gambling starts on the Internet, and an amateur always tries his hand at online gambling before heading out to a big casino. And, such individuals can be the best target audience for your online gambling site.

Our gambling guest posting service can greatly help you in identifying all such potential customers who’re in the process of learning the rules of online poker and roulette, and lure them into joining your gambling site.

Guest Posting Service for Finance Websites – Our seasoned content writers can help you in showcasing your expertise in the finance industry, and our experience Internet marketing professionals can get those content pieces published on the top financial blogs, giving visibility to your finance website, and securing powerful back-links to it.

This can be of terrific help to increase readership, reach of the website, and its SERP rankings on major search engines, which would in turn result in improvement in traffic levels, conversion rate, and in short – greater profits!

Home Improvements Guest Posting – Home makers always tend to go with the recommendation of popular home improvement websites, so if you really want to attract the right set of customers to your home improvement business, then it’s imperative that you learn to impress those blog readers with your knowledge and prove your expertise in the industry. And, it becomes a cake-walk to build rapport through our home improvement guest posting services; so give them a try right away, and see the difference yourself!

Law Guest Posting – Experience the power of our élite guest posting service for law/legal websites, which has been materialistic in bringing plenty of qualified leads to our clients in past. Despite all the marketing efforts, the legal websites often lack the visibility on the popular law blogs, and we help our clients in filling that gap without break a sweat! No points for guessing that the results are quite rewarding; so give us a chance today to show you what we can do for you!

Fashion Guest Posting – Our fashion guest posting service has been one of the blockbuster products in the guest posting arena, as they can quickly help you in becoming a fashionista overnight, and building a strong rapport with the blog readers of the leading lifestyle blogs.

Interact with the readers of the top fashion blogs, become a fashion guru, and promote your online fashion store seamlessly with our guest posting service for fashion websites.

Business Guest Posting – It’s impossible to build a brand image without extremely powerful online marketing and advertising campaign. The only problem is that TV ads can be really costly, and running AdWords campaign for all the keywords related to your business can literally burn holes in your pockets. But, worry no more – our business guest posting service is a simple solution to all your problems as we help small business owners in spreading out the word about their business on all the top business blogs with our guest posting service.

Education Guest Posting – Whether you’re an individual teacher trying to promote your tutoring services, or an educational institute reaching out international students, our education guest posting package is just what you’ve been looking for. We help you connect to millions of students from all parts of the globe, and project you as an expert in the industry; what follows next is pretty easy to guess – tons of qualified leads who may want to take admission to your courses without putting in any additional efforts on convincing them!

Real Estate Guest Posting – If you’re serious about promoting your realty site, you must be a part of discussion on the top 10 realty blogs, and if your website doesn’t get featured at such credible sources, then the chances are pretty high that Google might consider it to be a “shallow site”, and penalize with the Penguin/Panda algorithm soon enough. Avoid suffering such a terrible fate with our real estate guest posting service, and take your website to the next level!

So, don’t wait for Google to rip off your online empire and blow it into smithereens; protect them with our niche guest posting packages, and multiply your profits fearlessly!

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